Everyone’s Got It

These days, seems like everyone’s got anxiety. I’ve been there. Sometimes I’m still there. And, while it’s obviously bad form to imagine I could ever possibly one-up somebody else (believing that my anxiety was worse than theirs, let’s say), yet I find myself doing it. Is this an irrational practice? Totally. Is it ugly? Definitely. Is it infantile? Are you kidding me?

Why, then, do I do this?

Because I’ve battled acute inner fear states for nearly half my life, and in some twisted kind of way, maybe I believe that journeying with this particular challenge entitles…

Before the pandemic arrived, I was managing my sixteen-year-old just fine, thank you very much. He is Son №2 (and Kid №4), and, when the Coronavirus started its sweep of the planet, I had what I thought was some pretty healthy and solid infrastructure around him. For starters, we’d always limited his access to screens. The main computer lived out in the kitchen. His phone charged in the laundry room at night. And his tech wasn’t allowed in his bedroom, ever. The plan seemed to be working. At the time, he was maintaining a solid 3.6 GPA. He also was…

Becky Davidson

Literary Researcher, Author, Storyteller, Longtime Meditation Practitioner & Founder of Lotimus.com

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