And The Counterintuitive Approach I Used To Handle It

Stop sign at an intersection, featuring additional street signs that say, “Homework Avenue” and “Procrastination Park.”
Photo by Pedro da Silva on Unsplash

Before the pandemic arrived, I was managing my sixteen-year-old just fine, thank you very much. He is Son №2 (and Kid №4), and, when the Coronavirus started its sweep of the planet, I had what I thought was some pretty healthy and solid infrastructure around him.

For starters, we’d always…

How The Planet’s Most Impressive Endurance Athlete Summoned An Army of Tiny Warriors to Journey Along With Him

James Lawrence, the “Iron Cowboy,” power-walks along the Murdock Trail in Utah County on Day 99 of his Conquer 100 Challenge.
Photo courtesy of the author

At first it seemed like any other night up on the Murdock Trail, a running and bike path that winds along the foot of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah County. It was mid-June, and summer was in full swing.

But as I was stretching and getting ready to head north…

Tonglen meditation trains your brain to handle those pesky, tricky, highly painful things from which you might otherwise flee.

A person sitting in a meditative pose, with prayer beads strung around their wrist.
Photo courtesy of Ksenia Makagonova via Unsplash

Madness and Mayhem in the Year of COVID

If you’ve ever watched the hilarious Ryan Reynolds’ Match dot com ad featuring a fabulously horned Satan figure hooking up with a young hottie whose name happens to be Twenty-twenty, then you know why it went viral. The Man From Hell and Ms. 2020, parading around New York City together…

Because Pandemics Are Here To Stay

Photo of a cinema marquee featuring the quote, “The world is temporarily closed.”
Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash

These days, seems like everyone’s got anxiety.

I’ve been there.

Sometimes I’m still there.

And, while it’s obviously bad form to imagine I could ever possibly one-up somebody else (believing that my anxiety was worse than theirs, let’s say), yet I find myself doing it.

Is this an irrational practice…

Becky Piatt Davidson

Native Californian by way of Barcelona & Utah. Mother to 4 beautiful humans. Saved by meditation. Founder of, a hero’s journey meditation practice.

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